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Work for the next week

Year 12 and 13:
I am away for you guys until Thursday.
This is a group email to all the year 12 and 13’s in both my senior classes.
I feel like you are all working really well on your starts to your folio’s. There are no where near enough blog posts happening however.
By the end of Tuesday, I would like to see a new blog post from every student. I also want you to specifically comment on a blog post from 2 other students in your class. It does not matter if they are in year 11/12/13.
How do you eat a whole elephant? Piece by piece - the same way you make your folio happen.
Your blog is worth credits too and it is a safe way to keep your work for when you lose your book. It happens.
I will keep an eye on who is posting and when and respond to each of you. I am expecting you to use your blog to seek feedback from me and your classmates too.

Interviews 2016


Real men don't cry. Why? Where did the stereotype start? Greek culture? The base of western civilisation

Marion McGuire - printmaker, find examples of her work that are specifically greek/maori mythology. Blog 3 of these.
Talk about them and try and establish a relationship between them and your ideas so far. This is a starting point.

Kgyd Ana’s painting from last year is influential to him Likes the flow from one image to another - as a way of linking multiple pieces of work Bullying, trees, sky, people, poor people, defining love. Why are there no references to samoan standards of beauty?

Rene Magritte Salvador Dali

Find examples of their work that you like. make sure you put the title and date of their work. post them on your blog and say why you have chosen these images as starting points

Draw out some ideas as thumbnail sketches, next week we will discuss these in class and what to do next
Interviews with Painters February 2016 - folio direction. 2 classes done at this point, 2 to …

Welcome to Painting in 2016

As you have already figured, you are a part of one of four now quite large senior classes.

This week and next (week 3 and 4) we will work on making sure you have all been interviewed to establish a potential individual direction within your own class's theme.

This has so far happened for the following students in the Media Control/Propaganda class:

Cartoon illustrations of girls, tv's and cameras, being controlled, hypnosis, tv with the swirls, being drawn in, a girl being controlled having to make a choice, as to which path to take, feeling like she has to fit in, not sure what to do. Strong narrative - References to pop art - 1950’s iconography - Miss Van - graffiti cartoon figures
Appropriation Graphic novel approach
Maddie Hype around the earthquakes, abandonment in the red zone. Is the media hyping things up? Understand how the media can blow things out of proportion Antonio Hall near Riccarton - there are tours available. Check it out. Find an example online of media making…